1. Do you require standardized testing and if so, what tests are required to apply for admission?

KLE BCA College does not require standardized testing for all of our applicants.

2. What are the deadlines to apply to KLE BCA College?

Our Restrictive Early Action Deadline is as per Bangalore University. Our Regular Decision deadline is one month from the start of college. Visit Bangalore University website for more information about academic calendar and deadlines for BCA admission (www.bangaloreuniversity.org.in)

3. Does KLE BCA College offer admission interviews?

KLE BCA College does not interview candidates for admission.

4. How do I pay my application fee?

The application forms with the requisite fee must be paid in person to the college office strictly before the last date.

5. How important are extra curricular activities in admissions decisions?

Each case is different. Some students distinguish themselves for admission with their unusual academic promise through experience or achievements in study or research. Other students present compelling cases because they are more “well-rounded,” having contributed in many different ways to their schools or communities. Still other successful applicants are “well-lopsided” with demonstrated excellence in one particular endeavour. Some students bring perspectives formed by unusual personal circumstances or experiences. Like many colleges, we seek to admit dynamic, talented, and diverse students who will contribute significantly to the education of their classmates.

6. What admissions criteria do you use?

Admission process and eligibility criteria, please visit our college website with following link http://www.klecollege.org/klecollege/index.php?page=eligibility

7. Are there quotas for certain kinds of applicants?

The Admissions Committee does not use quotas of any kind.


8. How large are classes?

BCA course at KLE has intake capacity of 120 per year. The class size is 60 per section in each year.


9. How successful are BCA students in finding employment after graduation?

Our graduates enjoy an extraordinarily high rate of success receiving job offers and admission to postgraduation . The Placement Officer keeps a record of all  range of jobs for undergraduates and internship .

10. When can I apply as a transfer student?

Students may apply after 1 year of admission. KLE BCA College does not admit students in even semester. All transfer applications each year are due by March 1st to enter the fall term of the same calendar year. Transfer applicants who are admitted are not permitted to defer their admission.

11. What are some resources available to students?

for more details about resources and infrastructure of the college, please visit our college website link


12. How  should I apply for scholarships?

Being a self financed course, no scholarship is provided for any student.

13. Do professors take the time to talk to students one-on-one?

Yes , definitely.

14. Does  campus hold events to help students find jobs?

Yes, There is a placement cell, which provides training as well as complete information regarding campus recruitment.